Blasting & Bottom Repairs

Blasting is a method of stripping paint from fiberglass — it is high-pressure, air-driven and non-destructive. Blasting removes multiple layers of old paint without harming the boat's structure or surrounding fiberglass or gelcoat. At the same time, this process exposes blisters and any other hidden damage or defects that might need boat repair. All blasting residue is contained, tarped, and disposed of properly.

Blasting can be a tedious yet necessary part of boat repair and maintenance. Think of blasting like a fresh start for the bottom of your vessel. It gives you a clean surface to apply new bottom paint — if you don't have the proper adhesion for your paint then your paint will literally come off in the water and it is a waste of money. Blasting ensures proper adhesion for bottom paint.

Finally, blasting is recommended if you’ve just purchased a used boat. It’s one of the best ways to actually inspect the condition of the boat. Paint can hide a lot, but blasting gives you a real sense of the boat’s condition.

If you’ve ever tried to blast the bottom of your boat before, you know just how colossal this task can be. It can be messy, overwhelming, and require more elbow grease than you’re willing to give. In general, it’s a better chore to leave to the boat repair professionals. Please call for a quote.