Fiberglass Repairs

When you work with Hassis Paintworks in Stillwater, you benefit from our decades of experience in the boat repair industry. In fact, most of our teammates each have more than 20 years of experience. There’s no job too big or too small for our team. Whether you need a full-blown structural repair or you just want to fix a few cosmetic scratches, our team in Stillwater is here for you. Hassis Paintworks is known for their quality work and professionalism.


Hassis Paintworks can repair all stress cracks and gouges. If you have scraped up your boat on a dock, hit a rock with your wave runner, or your cabin cruiser has a few spider cracks… we can fix it with a gelcoat repair.

When repairing stress cracks and gouges, Hassis Paintworks will examine and grind out the entire crack and gouge to make sure the repair is done completely to reduce the possibility of cracking in the future. We can also repair non-skid areas as well.

Stress cracks (also called hairline cracks or spider cracks), refer to cracks in gelcoat surfaces on marine crafts. While stress cracks are typically considered a cosmetic issue (especially compared to a major hole), they’re still incredibly important to address. Stress cracks and gouges can be caused by any number of events, including regular use, flexing, a thick gelcoat application, or direct sunlight. If you have an older boat with a thicker layer of gel coat, you’re more susceptible to dealing with these types of cracks. While some stress cracks are gouges are just cosmetic, it’s imperative that you seal them correctly. Left unattended, these cracks let in water that can penetrate your fiberglass and potentially cause much more severe damage. Plus, the crack can keep expanding if it’s not fixed in a timely manner.


As you know, structural damage to your boat isn’t just a matter of a cosmetic ding. In fact, major holes, cracks, gouges, and flexing make your boat more susceptible to taking on water and can cause further damage. It’s better to be proactive about boat repair than to leave it for another day.

At Hassis Paintworks, we will inspect and then write an estimate so you can have a sense of the damage and we will also explain what is needed to do the repairs. If you are in a collision, Hassis Paintworks will also examine your boat for any additional cracking and flexing due to the collision. Most of our estimates are custom written to your boat and the work we would be doing.

If you have a boat that needs a facelift or more significant boat repair, the team at Hassis Paintworks is here for you. In addition to stress crack and gouge repair, we offer a range of services such as transom, stringer, and floor replacement. Some boats are hard to say goodbye to and a new boat isn't in the budget, let us replace your flooring or transom and give new life to your beloved boat.

Please call us to discuss your needs and get a quote.