PWC & Trailer Repairs

Did you borrow your jet ski to a friend and they had an accident. No worries, you are not alone! Hassis Paintworks can fix your jetski and put it back to pre accident condition. Whether the front bumper is completely ripped off or they scraped the entire hull up on a rock we can fix it.

Hassis Paintworks repairs and fixes a variety of items in addition to boats. If it is gelcoat or fiberglass, we can fix it! You can get a sense of the scope of our repair services through the photos below. Pictured below (clockwise): Jetski, Boat Trailer, Motor Cover, Paddle Boards, and Fiberglass Man Holes at MSP Airport.

Whether you need to repair a hole in the side of your jet ski or you want to fix up a scratch on the surface of your stand-up paddle board, our team can help.